Events & Awards


Rize Claasen

Maserumule Inc. Attorneys


Rize Claasen has served the most in office pro-bono hours for the Western Cape Chapter this year. She has consulted to date 47 SASLAW clients in the pro-bono office taking on a total of 6 pro-bono SASLAW matters. She took on pro-bono slots on the last minute when the rostered attorney was unable to come in and represented clients in court on demand of the Judge on duty (unprepared) whenever it was required of her to do so. Rize was a runner up for last year’s award and has definitely proven her worth for the winner of the award for 2014. Edwin Nkoana  received the award on Rize's behalf.


Glen Kirby-Hirst

McGregor Erasmas


The number of hours that Glen Kirby-Hirst dedicates to probono and the number of cases he takes on and is successful with reflect his dedication to the probono project.  Mention is also due to McGregor Erasmus for enabling Glen to put in these hours for the project over and above dealing with day to day matters.  His consistent willingness to assist makes Glen is a most deserving recipient of the 2014 KZN ProBono award.


Adv Greg Fourie

Johannesburg Bar


Greg Fourie has been involved in the Johannesburg advice office since inception.  He has played a vital and integral role in establishing and defining the processes of the project. Recently Greg ran a pilot Amicus counsel project at the Johannesburg Labour court.  The chapter is extremely grateful to Greg for his dedication to the pro bono project and is pleased to honour him with this award. Chapter president, Ludwig Frahm Arp, received the award on Greg's behalf.


Carmen Marx

Minnaar Niehaus Attorneys


Carmen is our youngest attorney at the pro bono office and has spent the most hours this year in the advice office. She is always willing to stand in if another attorney can’t make it and goes the extra mile to assist clients despite her workload at Minnaar Niehaus Attorneys. We also want to thank Minnaar Niehaus who gives up a lot of his firm hours so Carmen can assist clients at pro bono. She really deserves this award.

Who we are


SASLAW Pro Bono NPC is a non-profit company formed by SASLAW to administer the Pro Bono project in the four Labour Courts in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Our Mission


The SASLAW pro bono project at the Labour Courts serves to deliver a quality advisory service and defined Labour law legal services to those who otherwise do not have access to justice.

Contact us


P.O. Box 4858, Cresta, 2118


Phone: 011 431 1237

Directors: Richard Maddern, Nick Robb, Shamima Gaibie, Ludwig Frahm-Arp, Ebrahiem Abrahams, Michael Yeats   |   NPC Registration number: 2013/192122/08