Events & Awards

At the SASLAW Annual Conference held in October 2012 in Johannesburg, the then national president of the Society, Anton Myburgh SC, presented four pro bono awards. The reason behind the award is recognition, motivation, acknowledgement and gratitude to an individual who has contributed significantly to the project in each region. Several criteria items were considered when considering the recipients:


• Driving force and initiative in getting the project started

• Number of hours contributed

• Commitment to the project and willingness to be called in at short notice

• Influence in funding contribution


The winners for the 2012 awards are:


Sonette Lancaster

MacRobert Attorneys


Sonette has spent the most hours in the advice office, on an individual basis. She was an influencer in the decision to contribute to the funding appeal. Sonette can be called on to assist in court outside of the office hours. She always assists in the office if she is in court, just for an hour, when not rostered.


Ebrahiem Abrahams

Bowman Gilfillan


Ebrahiem is passionate about doing probono work. He has contributed significantly to the project, as he has the highest number of hours clocked up in the Cape Town office. He has also taken on the most matters.


Richard Haslop

Woodhead Bigby & Irving


Since October 2010 Richard Haslop has dedicatedly, and without fail, arrived for his scheduled days on the pro bono roster; and when he is in the office, has had an enormous impact on the resolution or finalization of matters allocated to him. Richard treats his pro bono duties with the dignity and seriousness the pro bono programme strives to achieve.


Theo Potgieter

TD Potgieter Attorneys


Theo has singlehandedly started the pro bono project in Port Elizabeth.  He has put in the most hours, and undertook all the administrative tasks at the onset of the project , before a permanent administrator was appointed.

Who we are


SASLAW Pro Bono NPC is a non-profit company formed by SASLAW to administer the Pro Bono project in the four Labour Courts in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Our Mission


The SASLAW pro bono project at the Labour Courts serves to deliver a quality advisory service and defined Labour law legal services to those who otherwise do not have access to justice.

Contact us


P.O. Box 4858, Cresta, 2118


Phone: 011 431 1237

Directors: Richard Maddern, Nick Robb, Shamima Gaibie, Ludwig Frahm-Arp, Ebrahiem Abrahams, Michael Yeats   |   NPC Registration number: 2013/192122/08